Learning English is not enough to understand American life. Think of the language as the starting line. Along the way, there are many obstacles you need to pass. And then comes the finish line – understanding their culture.  Now, you can say you know Americans!

The English language can help you find your way around American society. But learning why a nation acts the way it does, why its people are the way they are, you need to learn more about their traditions.

Movies, series, and TV shows can tell you a lot but not everything about American culture. To help you better understand it, here are some examples of American culture!

The American Dream

The American Dream is synonymous with the country and is considered as part of its spirit. This ideal has been present for centuries and it comes from the idea of a better tomorrow. It usually means that America is the country of freedoms and rights where people immigrate to find happiness.

Human Rights

Yes, every developed country right now guarantees its people many rights and freedoms as the foundation of every democracy is human rights. But what makes this an example of American culture is the level of freedom that Americans have. It is quite the topic today! Nonetheless, human rights are up high when we’re talking about values in America.

Drinking Coffee on the Go

Starbucks took the world by storm and now almost every country has at least one Starbucks shop! What used to be a friendly chat over coffee turned into grabbing a plastic cup and running out the door. And it’s not just Starbucks! Every coffee shop has a to-go version of its coffees.

Walk the streets of New York or LA and you are sure to notice busy people with cups in their hands. It’s no secret that Americans love coffee. And if they can take it with them – even better!


Watching a movie is one of the best ways to learn and improve your English skills. Whether it’s a good old Western movie or a romantic comedy, we all know that the majority of American movies come from one place – Hollywood!

This popular neighborhood in LA is the symbol of the movie industry. Many studios are stationed right here. Yes, those studios that make big blockbuster movies – ones you’ve definitely seen.

Fast Food

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the USA is McDonald’s – the most popular fast-food chain. Fast food is around every corner in the US. Whether you want a burger or a hotdog, just walk a few steps and you will find a food cart.

Nothing says the USA as much as fast food and just like their coffee, they like their food to go as well. It’s not uncommon to see people walking around with bags of food, or eating a hot dog on the go.

Customizing Your Restaurant Order

Some countries’ restaurants may consider it rude if you ask them for a specific order. Or even if you ask for ketchup on your table. But not in the US.

In the US culture, you can customize your order. Rare, medium-rare, or well-done? Side dish or not? Americans and individualization go hand in hand even in small things like this!

Baby Showers

Americans love celebrating things. And baby showers are the perfect reason to celebrate.

From the moment of pregnancy, throughout it, and even when the baby is born, there is a huge baby fever! Baby showers are not common in other countries. But here, they are a celebration of a lifetime!

Measurements – Miles, Feet, and Inches

How long are 5 feet? For other countries, this is the hardest math question ever. But Americans seem to know the answer right off the bat. These measurements are specific to the US.

So while you are trying to figure it out, they are miles ahead!

Where to Learn More About the American Culture

Reading about a culture is great, but you can learn even more about it by learning its language. If you’re interested in the American culture, there are plenty of ways to find out more. Use music, movies, shows, or any other way to boost your English skills. But the best way is to practice it by speaking with someone!

And an English learning app can do wonders to help.

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