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The Hottest English Slang Trends in 2022

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“That’s lit!”


If you ever watched a show or a movie in English, you probably heard some slang used in it.

Learning English slang is a very fun way to boost your English vocabulary, and to have fun in the meantime.

Slang is very popular among all generations of English speakers and it comes in all shapes and forms. In 2022, slang words are more used than ever before. Also in 2022, there have been even more new slang terms to learn and use in everyday conversation.

Slang can be a useful language tool to use – and here are the top 2022 slang words to know!

What is Slang Language?

Slang is a term or phrase that is used in a completely opposite way than what it actually means.

To give you an example, let’s discuss the slang “Take a chill pill!”. The expression doesn’t mean that you should actually take a pill, but that you should take things slowly and relax.

Usually, slang is used in shows, music videos and songs, and movies. However, slang can also be used in everyday speech. If it is a popular slang, its popularity and daily use will only grow. And sometimes, some slang expressions can be used by different people – and in different meanings.

Every corner of the world has its own slang. Even the English language can have some specific words that can be used as slang.

Let’s talk about “grill” as an example. As slang, “grill” is mostly used by New Yorkers. The real meaning of the word means cooking something by using a grill. But, as slang, the word means to look at someone in a very negative way. So, the real meaning of grill doesn’t have anything to do with the slang meaning of the word.

The secret of using slang is to do it when you are in very relaxed and friendly situations. When you are with friends or family, slang makes you sound cool and helps you be understood by others. But, if you are talking to someone more formally, like a teacher, or your boss, slang is not ideal to use. If you use slang in a formal situation, you might sound rude, or too casual.

Top English Slangs for 2022

Slang changes all the time. If it is a popular English slang, it will be used for longer. If it is momentary slang, it might not be used as often.

As the times change, so does slang. New slang terms in English are coming up every day, and all have their special meaning. If you just started learning English – here is a list of the top slang words to know in 2022.


This is a short form of the word ‘suspicious’. In an example, sus would be used like this:

“He said he would come, but he didn’t. I’m telling you, he’s sus!”


This slang is short for If You Know, You Know. This means that the person who read the message should know (or not!) what the person is talking about.
Here it is in an example:

“There is nothing more to say, IYKYK.”


The English are so busy today – they don’t even write full sentences! Amirite is slang that is the shorter version of – Am I Right? It is used when you want to get someone to agree with you.


“She is too late. We shouldn’t wait for her anymore, amirite.”

Caught in 4K

This is a popular TikTok slang. If someone says ‘caught in 4K’ it means that someone was recorded or filmed doing something they shouldn’t. An example of this slang is:

“She was caught in 4K leaving the restaurant.”


Lit is not the newest slang trend, but it is still used – a lot – in 2022. To put it simply, “lit” can mean cool, impressive, popular, in trend, and more. Depending on the sentence, slang is used when you want to give something a bigger importance.


“I am so happy we came to this party – it’s lit!”


The slang “fit” does not mean the same as being in shape or going to the gym. Used as slang, “fit” is another word for clothes or outfits.

For example:

“That fit looks good on you.”

No Cap

This is an interesting slang that is used to say that you are not lying. If you are telling the truth about something – you are not capping, meaning you are not kidding or lying.


“No cap, that looks great on you!”

Where to Learn English Slang in 2022

English slang can be learned by watching shows, reading lyrics, and reading.

But, if you want to learn the hottest slang in 2022 faster, an English learning app can help. That’s what Loora does!

This virtual English coach is just what you need to improve your conversational English – and learn the most important slang of today!

A daily lesson is all it takes. Plus, you can talk about anything – culture, slang, food, trends, or other topics.

Give Loora a try and start practicing anytime, anywhere. Becoming fluent in English has never been easier!

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