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How Can I Improve My English Speaking Skills?

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English is the most studied language worldwide, and around 20% of the population speaks it. People are happy to learn English because it opens many doors for them – education, skills, jobs, and communication with the world.

If you want to improve your English skills and be successful, you should start with speaking.

You can learn to speak English by using helpful tips, or you can also choose professional help.

If you are wondering – “How to improve my English speaking skills” – here are effective tips to help you speak English more naturally.

How to Improve English Speaking Skills

The secrets to boosting skills – including communication – are regular practice and hard work. By practicing speaking English, you will learn from your mistakes and learn the right way to pronounce words and structure a thought.

Here are a few proven tips to improve your English speaking skills:

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Find a Good Conversation Partner

If you can, find a native or native English speaker to practice speaking the language with, as learning through speaking is the best way to learn a new language. If you don’t find a speaking partner, you can go online and join a speaking group. Or, you can turn to the Loora app’s AI Tutor for more exercises.

Listen and Speak

You can also try to improve your speaking and vocabulary by listening and speaking at the same time. So, listen to other people speak English. Play recordings and conversations on your smart device. Visit YouTube and find conversation channels where you can listen to real-life conversations and repeat after them.

Record Your Conversation Practice

Speaking English as a foreign language can result in making mistakes. But, you need to check your progress and learn from every mistake you make. So, record the way you speak English and listen to it afterwards.

You can record having a real conversation or can even try a dialogue. Then, play the recording a couple of times to spot the mistakes you are making. Write them down and next time, avoid making them again.

Hang around with the English Language

English is all around us – in marketing materials, roads and signs, movies, books, songs, restaurant menus, and more. To learn it faster and improve English speaking skills, give more attention to English resources and watch more shows, listen to more songs, read a blog in English, or try to order food in the language.

Read Aloud

You can always boost your speaking skills by reading English out loud. This way, you will hear yourself speaking and pronouncing the words. This will help you memorize them easily because you can see them and read them, too.

Talk to Yourself

Another way to improve your English speaking skills is to talk to yourself! This is a great exercise to give you confidence and help you learn alone. Choose your topic and start talking in front of the mirror! Soon, you will be proud of your English speaking skills improvement!

How to Perfect My English Speaking Skills

There are many English-speaking tools to help you improve your skills. Here are some of the best:

Speech Shadowing

Speech shadowing allows you to copy the way a native English speaker sounds. You can do this by watching movies or videos with subtitles. Start by reading the sentence – and then say it out loud. Next, try the same but pronounce it as the native speaker does. You can also record yourself to compare your accent with the accent the native speaker uses.

Think in English

Before speaking in English, you can try to think in English. Thinking helps form a sentence and arrange the words correctly. Also, thinking in English helps imagine the thought and choose the best words for it. Practice thinking and then speaking your thoughts daily to see more progress in your skills. If you are a basic learner, you can start by first translating your thoughts into English.

Retell a Story in English

Love fairytales? Then tell the story in English yourself. It is best to start with short and simple English stories or your favorite childhood fairytale. Once you read it, think how you would say it so the other person understands it. Then, as you improve, try to tell even longer stories and learn more in the process.

Use Loora

Need someone to practice with?

Download Loora as a way to learn and improve! Loora makes speaking English easy with instant coaching sessions, available 24-hours a day, every day. Personalized lessons with real-time grammar, pronunciation, and fluency feedback. Loora is the most fun and affordable online English coach.

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