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Valentine’s Special: 18 ways to say I love You in English

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Sometimes a single glance is enough to communicate to your partner just how much you love them, but in English, there are a lot more ways you can do that. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to bring out the big guns and do something extremely romantic. 

They say love recognizes no language, but in English, there are a lot more ways to say I love you than just with those words. ‘You are the light of my life’ or ‘You are my Sun and Moon’ could transfer much deeper meaning than a simple ILY. 

Here are 18 ways to express your love! 

18 Ways to Say I Love You in English 

Sometimes love isn’t the only verb that can express affection towards another person. Many fall in love, while others are in love. Some are lost without the other person, while others can’t breathe without the other. 

Here are some other ways you can express adoration, without even using the word love: 

  • You are every breath I take
  • You make my heart melt
  • You are the light of my life
  • I cannot live without you 
  • You are my everything 
  • As long as you’re here I’ll be okay
  • You are the honey to my pancake 
  • I want to spend the rest of my life with you
  • No words can describe how much I adore you
  • You are my priority 
  • You are so beautiful 
  • I will always be here for you


These are some thoughtful sentences that you can say to your partner instead of I love you, but only if you mean them. By telling your partner that they are the air you breathe,  you express that you need them as much as you need oxygen. If you express that life is unimaginable without them, you promise them your eternity. 

By saying to your partner that they are the light of your life, you show them that without their presence, life would be eternal darkness. If you tell them that they’re your everything, you express that nothing in life is more worthy than them. 

If you tell them that you’re willing to spend the rest of your life with them, you guarantee them your love, dedication, and time. If you say that you can’t describe how much you love them, they’ll get the idea that your love cannot be measured

Sometimes partners need to hear that they are the priority, regardless of internal issues. Nothing means more than letting your partner know that nothing and no one goes above them.

A little compliment can go a long way, so telling your partner that you think they’re beautiful can be the best thing they’ve heard all day. Remember to remind your partner that you cherish their appearance and that their looks haven’t grown dull to you. And nothing shows love more than promising someone that you’ll always make time for them. 

Classic Ways to Say ‘I love You’ 

You won’t get lost in translation if you let your partner know your feelings with the simple, and well-known phrases such as the classic I love you. These I love you’s are for our partners, friends or family members. Besides, a simple I love you can open iron-sealed doors. 

I’m in love with you 

Instead of expressing the dull and old I love you, express your feelings and say that you are deeply in love with them. This means that you express a feeling you feel deep inside and not just a necessity. This however cannot be said to other individuals besides your partner. Falling in love means developing romantic feelings of affection that are reserved for partners. 

You are the love of my life 

This is a serious declaration and should be said with honest intentions. If you proclaim someone to be the love of your life, act like it. Make sure that they actually feel that they are the biggest love you’ve felt in your lifetime. And with this expression you tell them that maybe you’ve had past loves in your life, but nothing quite like them. 

Other Popular Ways to Say I Love You 

The kids nowadays use tons of slang and expressions to show affection, some stolen from songs, while others borrowed from novels. Here’s what the kids say today: 

I love you to the moon and back 

A popular Savage Garden song, this expression signifies that your significant other is adored twice as much as the moon is distanced from the Earth. This is a much more romantic way of saying just how much you love them.

Head over heels

I’m head over heels for you 

Nothing quite like this old expression to say how much love has possessed you.  Saying that you are madly in love with them is much more meaningful than a simple I love you. 

You’re half of my being 

Something philosophical, yet romantic is stating that your partner represents half of your soul. It’s basically another way to call your partner your soulmate and you also remind them that they complete you. 

I’m bonkers for you 

A little something the kids say to express intense emotion is stating that they’ve gone crazy over the other person. This means that your partner has captivated you, mind, body, and soul. 

Express Your Love Fluently 

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